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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Vista on my Laptop
I was brave and decided to see how Vista went on my laptop. It works great. In a week or so I'll see if it's still as fast as it is right now. I'm hoping so, but XP was getting slow fast on me lately so we shall see. It was basically a really easy install. Didn't have to visit the dell site once.

The only problem I ran into was getting my wireless card to work. I never got my new Belkin (f5d8011) one to work. Couldn't find any generic drivers for it and the XP one's didn't work. (any ideas out there for me?) I have an older netgear (wg511T) finally worked after I used a hint off another forum that talked about a guy using generic Atheros drivers and those worked great. WPA does not work but I have internet. I like my Belkin better, it isn't falling apart but this will do till Belkin gets drivers out... hint hint.

I'm also trying out the Microsoft OneCareLive Package. I'm always looking for something nice, easy, and non expensive to be able to recommend to friends and family that need help. So far OneCare was really easy to install, comes with 180 day free trial and is surprisingly non intrusive.

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posted by mpcc @ 10/17/2006 11:47:00 PM  
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