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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Checking out the new Windows Live Writer (beta) WYSIWYG blog writer.

My cat:

Inserting picture works great. check out my new blog (unstarted) .... inserting links works wonderfully. This feels like cheating. It seems to be an extension of what publishing to blog using Office 2007 beta does. But much more centered around blogging. It even has it formatted exactly how my blogs posts look. Here is a screenshot as I'm writing it.

When I typed up a post for a wordpress blog I could see my cursor but with this blogger one I can't. I wonder if that is due to my theme, blogger or just a bug? Cool idea, especially if you do a lot of blogging offline since you can save them as drafts. You can also insert a map, only option is Windows Live Local but perhaps that will change?

All in all, as long as this post publishes I think I"ll use this for awhile. That has always been one of my biggest problems with blogger. Their WYSIWYG editor blows.

UPDATE: Ok, turns out there are different views.... weblayout can't see my cursor normal I can. The views are nice. You can see it in your blog, much faster than bloggers preview too, and you can see the html it is creating. Also wandered around the options and it lets you customize the html of images, feed items, snippets, and links as well as has the ability to have plugins.

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posted by mpcc @ 8/13/2006 11:47:00 PM  
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