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Monday, July 24, 2006
A quarter century of MTV
I'm 22 and I grew up with MTV. It started when my parent's were 18 and they watched it well into my early pre-teens. I remember watching Real World with my dad (mom didn't know), Singled Out, cleaning to the music on weekends (yep, they played music videos regularly). At some point, right before puberty hit my mom decided, hmm maybe not a good idea letting me watch mtv so it was refused to me cold turkey, in the middle of a season. I did as all good children do, I snuck in my parents room and watched it on their tv while they were watching tv downstairs. I think they thought I was watching Disney, and my finger was on the last channel button so when they came up stairs, guess what I was watching. Parental controls were on of course. They didn't find out till I was about 17 that I've always know the code. It's the same as our house security code and that was the first one I tried.

I can't say I watch MTV much these days, but when I pull all nighters that's the channel I have on 'cause they play videos in the middle of the night. Real world is no longer believable and I don't care if your parents don't like your significant other or those bratty kids in Laguna Beach. MTV has moved on to the next generation... my sister loves watching it still, I guess I just grew up and the same will happen with the next group of teenyboppers.

Whether you think MTV is the devil or the best thing next to sliced bread you have to give them kudos for hanging on 25 yrs and probably will be around another 25yrs.

Happy birthday MTV.

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posted by mpcc @ 7/24/2006 08:35:00 PM  
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