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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
iTunes vs Urge

Ok, so I can't actually compare them. I've still never used iTunes, never had an iPod and never wanted one. I love my iRiver clix. Anyway, this wasn't a bash Apple post I'm just saying I've tried out Urge and I like. Sure the music is DRM but duh so is iTunes. I haven't tried out the new program that supposedly rips it but I shall try and get back to you. I like it because it works with my mp3 player.

For $15 a month I can listen to any music and put anything on my mp3 player with out having to download it. I'm picky, I listen to some stuff constantly and will be listening to it for the next 5 years and other songs are one hit wonders for me. The only song that I like from that artist and I'll only listen to it for a few weeks and be over it.

I also like the radio feature Urge has. Their alternative selection is pretty good, they have pop, classical and even country if you must. Something for everyone. It is kind of annoying having to use WMP. I like the 11 beta much better than 10 but it still hangs on my computer from time to time. Though my computer just may need reformatted.

So I just felt like sharing. I highly recommend Urge. Great music selection and its easy and not Apple.

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posted by mpcc @ 9/19/2006 01:45:00 PM  
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