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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Procrastination at it's best.......................
So I'm at work. I feel like procrastinating and what better way then to post to a blog no one reads? Towards that end I'm going to explain my blog name. (note randomness)

(Please read with lecture voice!) In French Ma = feminine version of mine, petite = little/small also feminine (since I too am feminine) , chou = cabbage which I belive is also feminie (strange, but it'll make sense in a min. sort of). In France this is considered a term of endearment. Kind of like "my little darling", but cooler 'cause it's in French, of course (biensûr). I've heard it as ma petite chou and ma petite chou chou, no idea which is correct but with the double cabbage is the way my mom, who doesn't speak a lick of French so the other one is probably correct, used it when I was little. Her friend in high school took French and called all her friends that, strange.

Could explain why I have taken French classes for the past 8 or so years. Granted not taking any currently, engineering classes are a bitch, but hopefully next semester.

I have to meet with that advisor today to switch my major over to the French for Professionals option that they just created and figure out how my study abroad classes transfer and what I still need to take. oy, looking forwared to it.

I proofed my friends paper the other day. 13 pages of a psych. study. Context was good, grammer was horrid. I can't really talk cause mine is really bad too but I do know how to make sentences sound like I'm over 10yrs old! Cleaned it up some, just made it sound more mature. Other than that I can't help, have no idea what the context should be.
posted by mpcc @ 2/23/2005 01:21:00 PM  
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