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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The end of this week was fun. I needed to get out of cr so bad. 3 weeks here has driven me nuts. It was nice being in Ames again seeing sonya and rachel. Ames is pretty empty but we definitely found stuff to do. Rachels friends from work were really nice and very entertaining tipsy! Patrick was cool too, haven't seen him in awhile. Pretty entertaining that he has to take french 102 this summer. He's not looking forward to it at all .

I'm so ready to start work. Thank god they haven't changed the date again on me. I really get to start this monday. Kinda nervous but it's always fun and they still seem to want me back. Should be interesting to see how much has changed. My sleep pattern is going to suck tho, back to my usual 2-3 am bedtime, not going to work next week. It's going to be a long week or at least few couple of days. The guys never care tho.

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posted by mpcc @ 4/13/2004 02:00:00 AM  
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