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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Hellish Week
I'm done, my brain has quit for the week. Doesn't seem to care that at 8am I have a huge test but eh? not important. But I suppose I will continue to study. Hopefully not to many people will need help tonight and I'll just be left to do my homework in peace.

It's almost the weekend!!!!! I'll crash as soon as I get home, few hours of sleep and ready for Friday night! 24hrs from now hopefully I'll be asleep!!! Oh so sad that that's the biggest thing I'm looking forward to.
other than that not a damn thing going on. I'm boring, just call me captain obvious i know, haven't heard of any cool news or anything at all.

Microsofts anti-spyware will be remaining free, which since it's the wholes they didn't fix, in their software, umm ... yeah, they should feel responsible for it and try to help!

I need a topic for an instructions tech paper. No idea what to do, i'm thinking of maybe: How to design and build your own economy PC. but I don't know.

Did you know they can charge for silence? I didn't either but apparently on iTunes there are some tracks for 99 cents of silence. Go figure, gotta be illegal and the songs are even protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). Everyone must go to
the guy there works for TSS (The Screen Savers on formerly TechTV then G4TechTv and now G4) . He has downloaded the silence with his free iTunes song from pepsi and has made it downloadable. Go protest against the RIAA!!!!
posted by mpcc @ 2/17/2005 05:57:00 PM  
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