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Monday, December 20, 2004
Freeware Review: tinySpell
My spelling sucks. Case in point; blog entries, and IM. But I have found a little freeware program called tinySpell that spell checks everything that you type. Whether it's an email, blog entry, web address etc. If you type any letters, it will spell check them. When it finds a word misspelled it makes a little ding sound and if you hit ctrl + ; a little menu pop-ups with choices for the corrent spelling. Looks very much like in word when you've misspelled something. Very handy. You can't change the sound which is kinda annoying but it has decent options and settings are easly accessed through right-clicking on it's icon. One key feature is disable/enable. It literally will spell check everything including passwords. If you hit ctrl + on a password that it doesn't feel is spelled correctly you can see the original "misspelling" and any options to "correctly" spell it. How many people have a password that is in the dictionary or doesn't use characters? At least if you're smart. Could be very usefull if you wanted to find out someone's password and it just happend to be the last thing they typed.
All in all a good little program. It's making my webmail emails easier and IM conversations not quite as bad. Not to mention this blog won't be nearly as horribly done first time around.

~~~ program found in a recommendation from: sara.word
~~~~~~~~Link to program~~~~~~

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posted by mpcc @ 12/20/2004 01:56:00 AM  
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