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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Iriver Clix Review
I've now had my iRiver for about a month. I cannot live without it!! First I want to explain why I choose this one and not an iPod or any Apple product. Next I'll do the good old full feature tell all. Then I'll explain how I use it and the features I use. Did I mention I loooooove it? 'Cause I do.

Ok, first off I'm not a fan of Apple stuff so chances are I'd probably look everywhere else before I even consider an iPod but I do recognize that they're well built and if I wanted something with more storage it would be hard to choose between them and the large capacity irivers. I've never wanted an mp3 player with a hard drive. I'm rough on my mp3 players. Really rough. I drop this one at least once a day. Today was bad. I dropped it like 4 times. So flash memory all the way for me. The clix has more functionality that I use than the iPod Nano the FM radio player is the biggest point.

Instead of a feature tell all here's the Iriver site iRiver America Clix. They do a great job explaining them and I haven't had any problems with it doing what they say it should so far.

The key parts I use are the FM Player, which is about 100 times than the one in my car (granted my car radio is horrible). There is a program called Iriverter that converts and compresses video into a format (I believe .avi) for viewing on the player. I watched Ctrl-Alt-Chicken on it. It look great. Not painful to watch at all. The sound is great and the headphones it came with where really all I need (till my cat ate through it at least). It plays flash games and video. I haven't used much with the games, but I have a feeling once I get back to school, that will be used more.

I sound like a commercial I know. The only problem I've had with it so far is some of the logic behind the menu system. The menu is fast and for the most part makes sense except for if you go to Now Playing. Going back to the menu takes you directly to the main menu. You don't get to see how that track is in the play list. For that you have to go to Music->Song (or however you want to view it) and then it starts over at the first song in that list. Not the one currently playing. For me I'd expect it to find the song I'm playing when I went to music. But that's just me. I'd also like it if it continued playing the music or the radio when playing the flash games. Right now that stuff stops as soon as you start a game. The only game that seems to rely on sounds is the Simon Says type game.

Another minor issue I have with it is that the only way to charge it is through the usb on the computer. I have no problem not being able to play it while it's hooked up to the computer but I'd like an AC way to charge it too.

I did get one accessory with it when I bought it. The FM transmitter works great. Lets you choose any station, not limited to just 3, and charges as you play it which is nice for long drives.

If anyone wants more details let me know, I can always gush some more if needed. As I find things I like/dislike I'll let you know.
posted by mpcc @ 7/18/2006 09:47:00 PM  
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