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Friday, July 14, 2006
Is blogging for everone?

I think it should be. And I don't just mean those with or without opinions. I mean those tech savvy and those who aren't. Right now I'm setting up a wordpress blog for me and 5 of my friends. After most graduated and have spread out across the US I thought a group blog would be the best way to keep in touch with everyone and only have to tell "the story" once.

This was a great idea in theory. I bought a cheap domain from GoDaddy and set up a GeekLog site. It was ok, turns out geeklog is a little too buggy for me and it intimidated my friends who have no technical background what so ever. They can do the basics but beyond surfing, checking email and downloading music for their mp3 player everything else is a bit over their head. So Geeklog was too geeky for them.

I've now got WordPress set up the theme is better I found a plugin with a better WYSIWYG editor and then using Wink2.0 (great freeware) I made a little how to intro to the site so they could see all the basics and things I thought they should know.

This is working for my friends right now, but if it wasn't for me doing the real techie stuff for them a blog idea wouldn't work. Even blogger generally involves not being afraid of code or messing with things if you want to personalize it. There may be a lot of bloggers out there but the majority of them are tech savvy to a point. Even if it's just the basics.

Your everyday person is not on blogs and it's too bad. I'm sure they'd add a great voice that is needed and should be present. Are those who have the tech skills just not paying attention or is it just not noticed?

I'm tempted to create my own blogging software. Where to start?
posted by mpcc @ 7/14/2006 06:40:00 PM  
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