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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Long Live Procrastination
I'm procrastinating, again. This will be the last time till after finals. I swear. Please stop laughing. I'm serious :(. Fine don't believe me.... I don't believe myself anyhow.

I switched allergy medicines. I'm now taking Singulair, instead of Allegra-D. I like Singulair, it's actually working. Though I didn't have time to pick up the perscription yesterday so I just took one of my leftover Allegras. Yeah didn't work all that well. I'm sure I'd be more misserable without it, but after 7 days of trying Singulair it was really working. This year has been hell here for allergies. The side effects the first few days of Singulair were, umm, to say the least, interesting/mildly scary. For me atleast. I'm not used to medicines affecting me at all. It was a trip for about 3 days. Hopefully only not taking it for one won't make that happen again. Any way. Found a few cool French websites and some regular tech ones too and some cool stories.

For the French one's I didn't realize they have a french Wikipedia or Wikip├ędia for the french way. Also found a French news site that I like keeps their own wiki also.

You remeber when you were little, in the middle of the eighties early nineties, those public access classes on PBS? Well you can get them here. The French one is pretty cool. 52 episodes, all in French. Cool way to do it and for me to keep mine up.

On to the tech....
I found a Firefox encryption plug-in for Gmail. It looks pretty cool. It doesn't run anything else just integrates itself into your web view of gmail. Haven't tested it out myself but wnat to soon.
Here are some good tips for writing secure php.
For emailing any size attachments FilePC looks like a good alternative: (also untested but concept is cool)

"FilePC allows you to email any size file to anyone, right from within your own email software."

Hehe this story is just entertaining. It's a rant about Why Geeks and Nerds are Worth it..... Some very good points, however does that also work for the Geekgirl? not just a geekboy?

I do not condone software piracy (need a disclaimer) but here's a good place if you have lost your serial keys or what not.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this news article: Congress legalizes DVD censorship

" It will soon become legal to alter a motion picture so long as all the sex, profanity, and violence have been edited out, thanks to a bill called the Family Movie Act, an attachment to the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act approved Tuesday by the House. The Senate has already passed its own version, and the President is expected to sign it."

This sounds good in essence, I guess, but apparently the directors don't like it. Even if they are getting money for the copy, unchanged, the person who creates a "prudish" version of the movie has really completely changed the disk. However, since that company has bought that disk, so they own it, are they allowed to mess with it like that and make money off of it?

This is just soooo American. I mean, we have clean (virgin) copies of CDs (which is great when you have younger siblings but you still miss something). Sometimes violence, homosexuality (are we trying to help people live in denial/ under rocks?), sex, etc... are actually artistically done or are a big part of the plot. I just don't get it. If it's in the movie don't watch it or read the book/screen play instead or even fast forward.

I'm done ranting (not really but i need to stop procrastining) so, that being said, on to ee lab reports.
posted by mpcc @ 4/27/2005 06:09:00 PM  
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