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Monday, April 25, 2005
Some more of what I've found......

La justice interdit de prot├ęger les DVD contre la copie
-- Good french article about their dvd copying privileges. No english translation that I know of, but leave a comment and I can do a rough one. -- Interesting informative website about car free cities through out the world. I like their idea, but I enjoy driving, not that I do much now.

The Revenge of the Bleep -- This is from Leo Laporte's website, he got together a few guys from TechTVs old TSS (The Screen Savers = Bleep). Very entertaining. I hope it does become a weekly thing.

Technologies du Langage -- Another french blog that has technology of language stuff. Seems enteresting from what I've seen.
-- Good site with help and ideas for your own site

MAILTO Anchor Tag Generator
-- cool html mailto tag generator (like it says ;) ) easy tag to do yourself but if you have lots to put into it this is nice and easy.

ColorCombos -- Great site with ideas for color combos that work, and lets you test your own to see if they work.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Book 1
-- Like it says you can read the first book in his "trilogy" here. Don't remeber where I found this... but here it is.

EuroHacker Magazine -- This is the 2nd edition of this magazine. It's ok, not the best I've seen but some of the rants are decent. Not much tech stuff tho, lots of stuff about guns?
-- Good blog from a writer at, more indepth than in the other article.

That's probably it till after finals or when I'm studying/procrastinating. Our pong game is going pretty well. It now plays music and sounds during game play. It's sweet!
posted by mpcc @ 4/25/2005 11:46:00 AM  
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