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Friday, March 11, 2005
Long Week in Review
Wow it's been a week. Thank god for spring break next week! Since I never procrastinate or anything I found nothing to blog about. Riiiight, so I'm going to start putting all the interesting news and sites I have found during this week up in separate posts. Easier to organize them that way, since there are lots of them.

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Like I said, it's been a long week. They love dumping it all on us right befor we go on break. I had a test at 9am this morning. Not so sure it went well. My own fault, didn't give myself enough time to study for it. Not to mention I gave up for about an hour and a half to hang out at the bars with friends. I was good tho didn't get smashed just had a drink or two and came back to study for another 45min.

I'm looking forward to not having anything due for the next few days. I have stuff to work on, but I can do it on my own schedule. Up by noon, bed by 3-4am. My kind of hours. I'm sticking around here for break. Broke, so a trip is out of the question and my family is only a little under 2hrs away from here so I really don't feel the need to go there. Easier this way. Mom is coming to visit me sometime next week too. Groceries!!! Not to mention mom time of course. I'm looking forward to some me time, most people will be gone at least monday - wednesday. St. Paty's day should be fun though as people start coming back for the end of the week. At least a few of us.

Other than that this week as been hectic, stressful, and all around horrilbe. But it's FRIDAY!!!!

I'm getting a case of beer for fixing a friends computer. I won't let them pay me but he insisted, so we agreed that that worked well. I like Coors Light. Should be easy to fix too, mostly just virus problems and spyware type issues. Needs cleaned up and some protection put on. It also looks like something disabled his anti-virus so will have to get rid of that right away. Forgot to find out if he was paying for Mcafee or not. I hate that program.

Look for a collection of random websites and interesting articles/posts I have found through out the week...........
posted by mpcc @ 3/11/2005 02:34:00 PM  
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