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Monday, March 07, 2005
Little reasons we (techs) have jobs
My dad and I are the only two who really know anything helpful about computers and that type of stuff. My uncle knows some but it's more of a small side hobby when he has time. So majority of my immediate family calls our house when they have problems and depending on who is home and who it is, me or my dad will take it.

My mom's Uncle has a general knowledge about it, not huge but enough to kind of understand, or so I thought. My mom got an email today where he writes:
[my mom],
[ISP] now offers Broadband/DLS Internet.
Can you tell me what it is and why I would want it.
[her uncle]
I got a kick out of this!

Our family is always entertaining. My gramma is also calling often. She got an HP laptop, no one had any idea till we saw it, kind of wish she would have consulted us but... HP.... I just shake my head. She had best buy set up a wireless network for her since she has a laptop, desktop and printer. They made quite the mess of it and cost her $150 more than she needed to spend. The last time we were home we took everything back and fixed it up for her better. I have to say as random as her having wireless is, it's great to have when we're visiting family. Apparently she has a friend who knows computer stuff, which means more than my gramma knows but enough to get her in BIG trouble, helped her with everything. It was entertaining. She kept saying my friend told me this and that etc. I just kept telling the way it actually was. Her friend was basically reiterating what the BestBuy guys had explained and written down for her.

In the spirit of these fun, disastrous tech stories, here is another site that I just found off of digg that you may enjoy:

I like to call these the little reasons we have jobs!

Gotta love helping family!
posted by mpcc @ 3/07/2005 09:06:00 PM  
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