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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Two Weeks Later
Found a place to live, craigslist didn't help all that much. No one responded back to my inqueries. Sooo I found the only place I could that had a month to month lease... without seeing pictures. It's ok. You can tell the place is from the '70s and of course the day I need it my AC is broken. Already in the 90s, not at all normal and not comfortable with no AC.

Anyway. The job is pretty cool. I'm doing software design. It's weird sitting in a cubicle. I'm used to wandering around the company not sitting in the same place for 9 hrs. I'm in a cubical at the end of a row and I have a floor to ceiling window behind me. When I get bored I can just watch outside and see the downtown.

The usual headaches with designing software for someone. They don't know what they really want, keep trying to add stuff and really can't tell you if what you think is going on what they think is going on. Very confusing but a really good learning experience.

It's so nice being out of [University town]. [Working town] is sooo much bigger, like 8 times larger. (I'm either in a really large place (but I'm not) or where I was was not large at all.)

Granted this is my first weekend actually here so, ummm I'm watching tv and baking in my appartment. I kinda want some pudding. Maybe I'll head to target. Make it out of the appartment at least once for the day and the trash needs taken out.

Three day weekend here I come!!!!!!
posted by mpcc @ 5/27/2006 07:32:00 PM  
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